Admission 2021


The Call for Admission 2021 is now closed - deadline: May 12, 2021 - 1:00 PM (CEST).

Hereafter we summarize the most relevant information on the application:


The SIMN Doctoral Course for the Cycle 37 (years 2021-2024) offers 10 positions with scholarship (3 years duration each) composed as follows:

7 positions with open topic:

  • 5 scholarships funded by the University of Padova
  • 1 scholarship funded by the Dept. of Chemical Sciences (DiSC) on the Excellence Project 'NExuS' (Nanochimica per l'Energia e la Salute)
  • 1 scholarships funded by the Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo (CARIPARO) Foundation

3 positions with assigned topic:

  • 1 scholarship funded by the Dept. of Chemical Sciences (DiSC) - Topic: Materials and devices like Solid Oxide Cells for the conversion and storage of energy mediated by ammonia - Supervisor: Antonella Glisenti (Dept. of Chemical Sciences - DiSC)
  • 1 scholarship funded by Electrolux Italia SpA- TopicInvestigation on methods of chemical analysis of the cycles of home laundry and home dish-washing and on their integration in control devices - Supervisor: Paolo Centomo/Marco Zecca (Dept. of Chemical Sciences - DiSC)
  • 1 scholarship funded by Fluorsid Alkeemia SpA - TopicLithium-ion electrolytes beyond Lithium batteries - Supervisor: Vito Di Noto (Dept. of Industrial Engineering - DII)


To be eligible, the Candidate must possess a Master's Degree (or equivalent) on topics related to the SIMN PhD Program. The Candidate can be admitted to the evaluation procedure also if he/she does not yet possess the Master's Degree but it is mandatory to obtain it no later than September 30, 2021.


The application must be done online at the following link, where detailed instructions for the application can be found. Deadline May 12, 2021 (1:00 PM CEST).

The documents must be attached in pdf format. The application and the attached documents are submitted authomatically by closing the online procedure. So no hard copy of the application and of the documents must be sent to the office.

>>> IMPORTANT: The Candidate must prepare his/her Curriculum Vitae mandatorily with the SIMN CV Template.

At this link, the official Call for admission to the PhD Courses 2021 of the University of Padova.

Additional info on the application submission can be found in the FAQ section.


The evaluation of the applications will be done in two Steps for a total score of max 100 pts:

Step 1 - Qualification (40 pts)

This Step evaluates the Master thesis, the CV (prepared exclusively with the SIMN CV Template) and other qualifications with the following scores: 

  • Thesis: 10 pts
  • CV and qualifications: 30 pts

(to be admitted to Step 2 a minimum score of 28 pts is required)

Step 2 - Interview (60 pts) 

This Step is an oral interview via Zoom. 

The interview will assess the competences of the Candidate about the basic theories and the techniques for the experimental study of microscopic and macroscopic properties of materials and of their synthesis, through the discussion on: (i) his/her master thesis work and (ii) on the proposal of a PhD research project. It is important to propose a project in one of the Research Topics of the SIMN PhD Program with the Supervisor within the Academic Board of the PhD Program. Candidates applying for the Assigned-Topic Positions will be required to demonstrate their specific expertise on those topics.

>>> Due to the Covid-19 emergency, all the interviews will be done via remote meeting with Zoom.


May 12, 2021 (1:00 pm CEST)Application deadline
June 10, 2021Results of the evaluation of applicants qualifications and timetable for the Zoom interviews
June 15, 2021Starting date of the interviews (only via Zoom meeting)
October 1, 2021Starting date of the PhD Course, Cycle 37