Enrico Cescon Award

Every year, at the end of each cycle, the SIMN Panel for the Final Examination assigns the "Enrico Cescon Award" for the Best PhD Defense. 

The Award has been created in 2019 to remember our former PhD Student Enrico Cescon (cycle 31). 

Enrico Cescon

So far, the Recipients of the "Enrico Cescon Award" were:

2022 - Nicola PERUFFO (cycle 34) "Synthesis and ultrafast dynamics of strongly coupled plexcitonic nanohybrids"

2021 - Michele RIGON (cycle 33) "Nanostructured Metal Oxides Thin Films for Optical Gas Sensors"

2020 - Diego PICCOTTI (cycle 32) "Plasmonic Nanolasers"

2019 - Carlo RIGONI (cycle 31) "Microfluidics of Ferrofluids