Admission 2023 - additional scholarships

Admission 2023 - additional scholarships
An additional call for admission to the PhD-Programme in Molecular Sciences (39th cycle) at the University of Padova has been published. A total of 11 scholarships are available, of which 1 at the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche.  All the scholarships have a predefined research theme, as specified in the call

Available scholarships
A detailed list of all available scholarships from the 2023 call can be found in the call. The scholarships are divided between the two curricula of the course: Chemical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Important dates and deadlines
30 October 2023 (13:00): application deadline
31 October 2023 (13:00): deadline for sending reference letters
Oral examination: 14 November 2023 14:30 - The exam may continue: 16/11/2023
1 January 2024: starting date for these scholarships within the PhD-Programme in Molecular Sciences (39th cycle)

The following candidates are eligible for application:
1. Students with a degree (laurea specialistica/magistrale/ciclo unico) in chemistry, industrial chemistry, materials science, biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, pharmacy, or related disciplines. The course is also open to students with a background in scientific disciplines such as biology, physics, mathematics, who are interested in acquiring a PhD-degree in the field of Molecular Sciences.
2. Students of the abovementioned areas that will obtain a degree (laurea specialistica/magistrale/ciclo unico) before 1 January 2024, which is the starting date of the PhD- programme.

All applications need to be filed on-line following the instruction that can be found at this link. For any questions or doubts regarding the application, contact the administration at