General admission procedure


!! Important !!

Because of the exceptional situation created by COVID-19 the 2020 admission procedure has been adapted.

This year the admission procedure will be based on an evaluation of the CV and an interview, which will take place telematically.

CDSM has two curricula: Chemical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences. All available scholarships are divided amongst the two curricula and admission occurs through separate procedures. A candidate can apply for only one curriculum.

The admission procedure is based on:

A. CV (max. 40 points).

Points are assigned to:

1. MSc-thesis or draft (4 points):

Applicants that are not yet in the possession of their degree have to submit an extended summary of the MSc-thesis (max. 4 pages) signed by the applicant and the supervisor

2. Curriculum (23 points)

    1. a list of all exams (including votes) followed during the academic study (both BSc and MSc). For candidates with a foreign degree also the scoring scale has to be provided.
    2. the starting date of the academic study (indicate periods of leave with certificates) 
    3. the final examination vote (for candidates that have already graduated)
    4. documents that certify relevant study of work experiences abroad (with indication of the duration in months)

3. Pubblications (1 point)

Only scientific publications that are indexed on ISI/Scopus or accepted for publication (evidenced by a DOI) will be taken into consideration. Abstracts of conferences will not be considered

4. Other (12 points): 

    1. Original research proposal for a PhD-project (max. 2 pages, character size: 11, line spacing: 1,1). The project should be coherent with the research carried out within the graduate course (
    2. Up to 2 reference letters by Italian or foreign professors/experts
    3. Awards/prizes received as a result of academic accomplishments

B. Interview (max. 60 points).

The interview will be conducted by the CDSM admission committee using the platform Zoom. 

During the interview the committee will evaluate the candidates based on their scientific knowledge, the ability to defend a scientific project as well as their motivation. More detailed information will be published here soon.