CDSM Seminars



17/02/2020 - Prof. Ario De Marco, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia 

Opportunities offered by recombinant antibody technology: our 15-year experience with nanobodies isolated from pre-immune libraries

07/02/2020 - Prof. Markus Kalberer, University of Cambridge, UK

Organic Aerosol composition: effects on health and climate


12/12/2019 - Prof. Frances Arnold, Caltech, USA - 2018 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry on the occasion of her Honorary Doctorate in Molecular Sciences

Innovation by evolution:Bringing new chemistry to life

18/11/2019 - Prof. Naoki Sugimoto, Konan Univeristy, Japan

Adventures on the World of Noncanonical Nucleic Acids

29/10/2019 - Prof. Paolo Samori, University of Strassbourg, France

Internet of functions in hybrid supramolecular nanomaterials: from high-performance sensors to multiresponsive devices

23/10/2019 - Prof. Nathalie Katsonis, University of Twente, Netherlands

Setting molecular chemistry in motion