Transferable Skills


A successful insertion of the PhD‐students in the job market requires the ability to present themselves and their research and to communicate their work and results.

Obligatory Courses & Events

Bibliographic research (1st year)

In collaboration with the Chemistry and Pharmacy Libraries, CDSM offers an obligatory 8 hours course on Bibliographic research, open access publishing and data management to the first year students.

Course in Academic English (1st year)

In collaboration with CLA (Centro Linguistico Ateneo), CDSM organizes a 20 hours course in Academic English for the first year students. The obligatory course focuses on presentation and writing skills – the fees are paid from the CDSM-budget.

Annual PhD-forum (all years)

Each year CDSM organizes the PhD‐Forum in which the PhD‐students present their research to the scientific community either through oral communications (third year) or poster presentations (first+second year).

Additional events & activities (non-obbligatory)

Proposal writing (3rd year)

For students in the final year, CDSM offers a practical course in Proposal writing, during which students exercise themselves in proposal writing exploiting a template containing the essential parts of an MSCA-proposal. The process is supervised by experienced members of CDSM (ERC‐grantees and European grant-reviewers).

PhD-Education week

PhD-students are encouraged to participate in the PhD-educational week, in particular related to entrepreneurship organized in collaboration with Confindustria

Teaching assistance
Students are strongly encouraged to perform teaching assistance in the laboratory courses of the Corsi di Laurea e Laurea Magistrale that are offered by DiSC and DSF.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in dissemination events, such as the Researchers’ Night, and the Coimbra ‘Three Minutes Thesis Competition’.