PhD projects for Complex Chemistry (C2)


This is the list of projects that can be assigned to an awardee of a fixed theme scholarship MUR-Dipartimento di Eccellenza 2023 project Complex Chemistry (C2). All the projects require to spend at least 3 months abroad.

Advanced approaches for the synthesis and the exploitation of hydrogen peroxide (Proponent: P. CENTOMO; Co-Proponent: A. BIFFIS) .pdf

Click chemistry for the synthesis of phospholipids to study lipid–protein interactions with EPR and cryo-EM approaches (Proponent: G. GIACHIN; Co-Proponent: M. BORTOLUS) .pdf

Design, preparation and advanced spectroscopic characterization of chiral colloidal plexcitonic nano hybrids for quantum nano photonic applications (Proponent: E. COLLINI; Co-Proponent: F. MANCIN) .pdf

Emergence of Macroscopic Driving from Light-Powered Conformational Motions (Proponent: A. FERRARINI; Co-Proponent: B. FRESCH) .pdf

Fine-tuning the selectivity of heterogeneous CO2 electroreduction by a molecular approach (Proponent: S. ANTONELLO; Co-Proponent: M. BARON) .pdf

Harnessing the complexity: Deep Eutectic Solvents for selective metal re-covery (HarCo) (Proponent: S. GROSS; Co-Proponent: M. CARRARO) .pdf

Intelligent DEsign of Microfluidic devices (IDEM) (Proponent: A. POLIMENO; Co-Proponent: M. MAGGINI) .pdf

MOdelling hyper-Polarization transfer in Solution (MOPS) (Proponent: M. ZERBETTO; Co-Proponent: G. STEVANATO) .pdf

Multi-Component Nanostructured Active Platforms as Functional Toolkits for PFAS Remediation (NANOFUN) (Proponent: C. MACCATO; Co-Proponent: F. MONIKH) .pdf

Network Reactivity Dictated by Confined Size Selectivity (CONFINET) (Proponent: C. ZONTA; Co-Proponent: A. AHMED ISSE) .pdf

Non-equilibrium catalytic systems for nanostructured devices (Proponent: L. GABRIELLI; Co-Proponent: L. LITTI) .pdf

Quantasome Architecture as Biomimetic Solution for Efficient Charge Separation (Proponent: M. BONCHIO; Co-Proponent: M. DI VALENTIN) .pdf

Sustainable smart materials for autonomous soft robots (Proponent: M. FRASCONI; Co-Proponent: F. AVANZINI) .pdf

Synergistic Integration of Photochemical and Electrochemical Processes in Catalysis (Proponent: M. FANTIN; Co-Proponent: A. SARTOREL) .pdf

Synthesis, processing, and implementation of water-dispersible multi- and single-walled carbon nanotubes for electronic devices (Proponent: S. CASALINI; Co-Proponent: E. MENNA) .pdf

Towards active matter: Driving chemical systems away from equilibrium (Proponent: L. PRINS; Co-Proponent: D. FREZZATO) .pdf