Admission 2024

Admission 2024

On 9 April 2024 the call for admission to the PhD-Programme in Molecular Sciences (40th cycle) at the University of Padova has been published. A total of 26 scholarships are available, of which 2 at the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).

Available scholarships

A detailed list of all available scholarships from the 2024 call can be found in the call. The scholarships are divided between the two curricula of the course: Chemical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences. For the scholarships funded by enterprises, the internal references are:

ENI S.p.A.: Prof. Enzo Menna
3SLAB S.r.l. and SUBER LAB S.r.l.: Prof. Luca Cappellin
Syensqo: Dr. Marco Fantin

Please also note that for Chemical Sciences there is one scholarship reserved for candidates with a degree obtained outside Italy, that has its own dedicated admission procedure not requiring the written examination, see the call

Important dates and deadlines

13 May 2024 (13:00): application deadline

17 May 2024 (13:00): deadline for sending reference letters

Written examination (in person in Padova): 11 JUNE 2024 (13:30)

Oral examination: 17 JUNE 2024 8:30 (foreign qualification reserved scholarship) - 17 JUNE 2024 14:30 (all the other scholarships) - The exam may continue: 18/06/2024 - 20/06/2024

1 Novembre 2024: starting date of the PhD-Programme in Molecular Sciences (40th cycle)


Anyone holding a degree (laurea specialistica/magistrale/ciclo unico) or who will receive the degree no later than September 30th 2024 can apply. This includes (but it is not limited to) degrees in chemistry, industrial chemistry, materials science, biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, pharmacy, and also biology, physics, mathematics degree-holders/students who are interested in acquiring a PhD-degree in the field of Molecular Sciences.

Admission procedure

The admission to the two curricula Chemical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences follows separate procedures. Important: A candidate can apply only for one curriculum. Detailed information on the Admission Procedure can be found following this link.


All applications need to be filed on-line following the instruction that can be found at this link. For any questions or doubts regarding the application, contact the administration at

Potential PhD-research projects

To provide interested candidates with an overview of the research carried out by the members of CDSM and to provide an idea of the potential PhD-projects that can be carried out, an overview of possible PhD-research projects and supervisors is available at this link.