Dottorandi XXIX ciclo


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Agostini AlessandroScienze ChimicheCARBONERA DonatellaPhotoprotective  mechanisms  in  natural photosynthesis  studied by advanced EPR
Avanzini FrancescoScienze ChimicheMORO GiorgioDynamics of quantum
Balasso AnnaScienze FarmaceuticheCALICETI PaoloDevelopment and characterization of novel nanoscale polysaccharide systems for drug
Barattin MichelaScienze FarmaceuticheSALMASO StefanoDevelopment of nanocarriers with responsive interfacial properties for therapeutics site-specific
Brustolin LeonardoScienze ChimicheFREGONA DoloresDesign,  synthesis,  physico-chemical  characterization, targeted  delivery  and biological evaluation of new metal-based anticancer
Colazzo LucianoScienze ChimicheSAMBI MauroSupramolecular  Networks  on  Surfaces:  Structure  and Dynamics  of Formation in Ultra-High Vacuum and at the Solid/Liquid
Dalla Valle ChiaraScienze ChimicheCENTOMO PaoloNovel mesoporous polymers and their application in heterogeneous
Deganutti GiuseppeScienze FarmaceuticheMORO StefanoInvestigation  on  G  protein-coupled  receptors  through  new  computational techniques:  elucidations  of  adenosine  receptors  selectivity and  drug  design
Galazzo LauraScienze ChimicheCARBONERA DonatellaMonitoring motions in proteins by means of spectroscopy: cardiovascular diseases at a molecular
Gerolin MarcoScienze ChimichePOLIMENO AntoninoModeling Motions in Proteins: cardiovascular diseases at molecular
Mangione GiuliaScienze ChimicheCASARIN MaurizioCompuchem applied to the study of semiconductive transition metal complexes
Martinez Ceballos AlvaroScienze ChimicheSCRIMIN PaoloNanoproteomics: interaction of gold nanoparticles with
Meneghin ElenaScienze ChimicheCOLLINI ElisabettaUltrafast energy transfer dynamics in bio-mimetic light-harvesting systems: relevance and origin of quantum coherent
Mian FedericaScienze ChimicheARMELAO LidiaOxide-based materials for light-activated
Miceli ClaudiaScienze ChimicheLICINI GiuliaOrgano/Metallo Bifunctional Systems for Cooperative Catalysis or  Cascade
Monticelli MarcoScienze ChimicheTUBARO CristinaNovel  functionalised  anionic  or  neutral  N-heterocyclic dicarbene ligands and related transition metal
Pontarollo GiuliaScienze FarmaceuticheDE FILIPPIS VincenzoMolecular Mechanisms of Recognition of Coagulation
Squarcina AndreaScienze ChimicheBONCHIO MarcellaLigand  and structure  design of  Bio-inspired Multi-electron Redox
Tescari SimoneScienze FarmaceuticheDE FILIPPIS VincenzoCharacterization of therapeutical proteins expressed in plants by recombinant
Volpato AndreaScienze ChimicheCOLLINI ElisabettaNew  spectroscopic  strategies  for  the  investigation  on the origin  of  long-lived quantum  coherences  during  energy